Airstorm Fiberglass Fans

GrowerSELECT AirStorm Fans

GrowerSELECT’s AirStorm fiberglass fans deliver superior ventilation performance to producers who demand the best value. AirStorm fiberglass fans are key components in designing efficient swine and poultry ventilation systems.

We took 45 years of construction knowledge and applied it to designing ventilation fans that perform on our customer’s farms.

  • Our fiberglass fans are manufactured from corrosion resistant components to withstand the harshest production and weather environments
  • We regularly test CFM ratings from production fans, the same ones we deliver to your farm, ensuring consistent reliability you can count on
  • Matched motor and blade combinations deliver dependable, consistent air flows in a full range of static pressure ratings

AirStorm fans are refined and tested in our in-house wind tunnel, and their performance ratings and specifications verified by BESS Labs.

54” X-Brace exhaust fan, shown without optional poly discharge cone.54” X-Brace exhaust fan, shown without optional poly discharge cone.

X-Brace Series

The new “Farm Smart” X-Brace design improves fan lifespan and performance while reducing maintenance downtime and costs. These fans were designed putting an emphasis on using corrosion resistant materials while also delivering improved CFM performance under standard operating static pressures required in modern hog and poultry barns.

57” X-Brace butterfly shutter exhaust fan, shown without optional through-wall mount.57” X-Brace butterfly shutter exhaust fan, shown without optional through-wall mount.

The 54" X-Brace model fan is a through-wall mount design with a gel coated white fiberglass housing, optional poly discharge cone* and an improved plastic vane shutter. (*Poly discharge cone sold separately, item # AS-54206)

The 57" X-Brace model fan is a flush-wall mount design* with a gel coated black fiberglass housing, black poly discharge cone and corrosion resistant poly butterfly shutter. (*Optional stainless steel mounting kit available to adapt fan to a through-wall installation, item # AS-57FMH)

Rigid X-Brace Support
  • Constructed of aluminum tubing with blue epoxy coating and triangle edge profile to reduce wind turbulence
  • X-Brace design moves anchor points to cushioned rubber frame mounts in the fiberglass housing corners to provide maximum rigidity and reduce vibrations
  • Stainless steel motor and shaft bearing mount with stainless steel hardware provides a stable, corrosion resistant platform for the 1.5 HP GrowerSELECT fan motor

Improved Shaft Bearing
  • New, solid base pillow block shaft bearing housing provides a more stable shaft mount while reducing vibration
  • New shaft bearing features double-lip FloBack seal to reduce the possibility of being pushed out by over-lubricating
  • FloBack seal reduces outside contamination from dust and increases lubrication by directing grease back toward the balls and raceways during operation, extending bearing life

Flat Performance Curve
  • Proprietary stainless steel prop configured for peak air delivery at typical operating static pressures
  • Most efficient CFM ratings between 0.05” and 0.15” W.C. static pressures

Efficient Drive System
  • Powered by a GrowerSELECT 1.5 HP high service factor (1.5 SF @ 60 Hz) motor
  • Self-adjusting tensioner automatically keeps the 1/2" link belt at the proper tightness for maximum efficiency

Low Maintenance Shutter (52" X-Brace fan)
  • Constructed with a heavy PVC frame, reinforced corners and a generous 1” flange
  • PVC vanes feature true airfoil pattern
  • Spring steel rods extend the entire length of the shutter with unique lockdown ends

Poly Butterfly Shutter (57" X-Brace fan)
  • Corrosion resistant poly dampers seal tight with magnetic closures and dual tension springs
  • Aluminum damper ring maintains maximum stability in any temperature extreme

Exhaust Fans

AirStorm fiberglass fans deliver consistent and reliable air flow to your poultry and hog farms. Available in 18”, 24” and 36” models, there is an AirStorm fiberglass exhaust fan to fit all needs from gestation, farrowing, nursery and finishing barns to all phases of chicken and turkey production.

  • Built with corrosion resistant stainless steel motor mount and hardware
  • Heavy-duty fan guards with baked on finish
  • Molded using a light resin transfer process with UV stabilizers to withstand the harshest production and weather environments
  • Smooth interior and exterior surfaces stay cleaner and are easier to wash
36” AirStorm fiberglass exhaust fan, shown without optional cone.36” AirStorm fiberglass exhaust fan, shown without optional cone.
Quality Components
  • Fiber-resin props offer outstanding performance and in any environment
  • High service factor motors provide protection from problems caused by varying incoming electrical voltage
  • All fans feature energy efficient GrowerSELECT drive motors
  • White PVC shutters feature full-length spring steel rods, instead of plastic pins, locked into a heavy PVC frame with reinforced corners

Improved Performance
  • One inch shaft rides on permanently lubricated ball bearings that resist damage from dust and moisture contamination
  • Optional polyethylene cones help increase performance by improving total CFM airflow (cones available for all 3 sizes)

Fan Shutters

Hog Slat manufactures a full line of durable and efficient PVC exhaust fan shutters in all the most common sizes. Low-maintenance, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, our shutters provide years of service while minimizing incoming air leakage and fan performance loss.

Hog Slat white PVC fan shutter, shown mounted on a 36” AirStorm fan.Hog Slat white PVC fan shutter, shown mounted on a 36” AirStorm fan.
  • True airfoil blade design minimizes fan performance loss while supporting maximum airflow
  • Full-length spring steel rods lock into the heavy PVC frame and are stronger than traditional plastic pins and fiberglass rods, supporting louvers better and resisting damage while cleaning
  • Easy to install and remove
  • White and black color options available

Fan Shutter Guards

Protect your animals, fan and shutter investments with our durable steel fan guards. Designed to be quickly installed and easily removed as needed.

  • Available for 24”, 36” and 54” fiberglass fan shutters
  • Available in blue painted and galvanized finishes
  • 54” fan guard is a one-piece design installed with wall brackets and removable gate rods
  • 24” and 36” fan guards are one-piece designs installed by bolting them into place