TEGO Tunnel Doors

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TEGO tunnel doors are built to give poultry producers a reliable and more efficient alternative to traditional cool cell curtains. TEGO tunnel doors swirl incoming air streams and direct them toward the ceiling where they mix to provide uniform temperatures and maximum comfort for your birds.

  • Tunnel doors eliminate dead zones and direct incoming cold air to mix with the warmer air inside the barn to create ideal temperature conditions for all stages of bird growth
  • Tunnel doors insulate and seal better than traditional curtain installations to help save energy and reduce heating costs during cooler months
  • 48” and 60” height options are available to fit new construction and retrofit installation needs
  • TEGO modular panel design offers flexibility to fit longer cool cell lengths in new construction and easily extend existing lengths if tunnel door capacity needs change in the future

Hinge System

The innovate hinge system on TEGO tunnel doors seals tightly when closed but also allow the doors to move away from the wall as they open, preventing dust and debris accumulation at the bottom of the panels.

TEGO tunnel doors direct incoming airflow toward the ceiling peak to mix with the warmer air, producing ideal temperatures at bird level.TEGO tunnel doors direct incoming airflow toward the ceiling peak to mix with the warmer air, producing ideal temperatures at bird level.

Increased Insulation

TEGO tunnel doors are available in 1” (R-7 insulation value) and 1-1/2” (R-9 insulation value) thick panel options. TEGO door panels are constructed of laminated foam with aluminum structural supports and protective channel on every edge. The result is a lightweight but durable door panel that resists damage from elements found in modern poultry production buildings.

C-Lock Panels

Integrated C-Lock panel connections eliminate the need for additional tools or fasteners during installation.

Attachment Options

TEGO tunnel doors offer a choice of two attachment options. Tension loaded brackets or low-profile plastic nut connections provide secure tunnel door connections and allow easy adjustments if cords stretch over time.

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TEGO tunnel door hinges allow the doors to open out, away from the wall, offering ideal air throw angles and preventing dust and debris from accumulating inside the bottom of the doors.

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TEGO tunnel doors seal tightly closed over the cool cell inlet area when not in use; providing better insulation than curtain, decreasing heat loss from inside the barn and increasing energy savings.The improved insulation properties of TEGO tunnel doors help reduce heat loss and minimize uncomfortable cold areas near cool cells compared to curtain material only. TEGO tunnel doors incorporate structural and operational design features that help improve performance, barn environment conditions and product lifespan. TEGO tunnel doors are available with a choice of an attachment bracket or low profile plastic nut connection that provide easy adjustment ability as cords stretch over time.

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