Vent & Inlet Control

Vent & Inlet Control

Hog Slat offers all the equipment you need to reliably control the vent and inlet systems in your swine and poultry barns. Our linear actuator allows you to precisely manage your ceiling inlets and sidewall vents, with options for whole house computer or negative pressure unit control, to maintain an ideal level of static pressure and air flow.

Hog Slat® HS667-24 Linear Actuator

The Hog Slat Linear Actuator unit provides powerful precision control of vents and inlets for all stages of ventilation and an IP65 rating to prevent wear and damage from dust and moisture. An adjustable limit switch and potentiometer provide feedback to allow consistent control across the bi-directional 24” (610 mm) length of travel.

    Spring loaded bin lid folds flat to avoid damage when fillingHS667-24 Hog Slat linear actuator provides reliable control of barn vent openings.
  • Available in 120V and 240V configurations with a 772 pound (350 kg) max load capacity and max speed of ¼” (6.3 mm) per second
  • High quality motor bearings ensure smooth operation and consistent travel
  • IP65 rating means the unit is dust proof and resistant to low pressure streams of water. The HS667-24 is better sealed around the motor and end cap, plus offers clamped boots over the ends of the extension tube to further seal the unit and prevent water intrusion that causes internal corrosion.
  • Optional mounting kit (HS667-01KIT) includes stainless steel plate with threaded mounting holes and the required hardware to attach the unit. Pre-drilled mounting holes on the edges of the plate offer multiple areas to securely attach the unit to a wall or ceiling location.

Hog Slat® HS653 Negative Pressure Vent Controller

The HS653 Negative Pressure Vent Controller provides automatic and manual control of curtain and barn inlet openings.The HS653 Negative Pressure Vent Controller provides automatic and manual control of curtain and barn inlet openings.

The Hog Slat negative pressure vent control unit features a precise, highly repeatable differential pressure switch with a large, easy to read analog pressure gauge. High and low static pressure limit ranges are easily adjusted using the large external knobs.

  • When the measured static pressure drops below the set limit, the controller signals the vent machine to close the vents and raise the pressure inside the barn
  • When the measured static pressure exceeds the set limit, the controller signals the vent machine to open the vents and lower the pressure inside the barn
  • Automatic and manual operation knobs on the face on the control allow for quick open and close adjustments while monitoring the pressure reading on the gauge

Hog Slat 4-Way Ceiling Inlet

HSI2000 4-way ceiling inlet.HSI2000 4-way ceiling inlet.

A traditional gravity-flow 4-way ceiling inlet helps mix incoming air in the barn to maintain comfortable temperatures inside.

  • Helps pull warmer air from the attic during winter to help reduce heating costs
  • Heavy-duty PVC mounting frame includes 18” attic inlet sleeve and 1” insulation board
  • Delivers 1700 CFM @ 0.10 SP | Minimum 500 CFM @ 0.05 SP
  • Rough Opening Dimensions: 27-7/8” x 27-7/8”
  • Item # HSI2000

Hog Slat Single Wall Air Inlet

  • Durable fiberglass housing with foam filled plastic baffle
  • Installs in farrowing room walls to allow regulated air flow from temperature controlled hallways into each room
  • Adjustable steel weight provides quick manual adjustment of incoming air flow and static pressure
  • Rated for 3,000 CFM @ 0.10 SP
  • Item # 62990

Natural Ventilation Barn Chimney

Durable fiberglass and corrosion resistant aluminum frame chimney is easily installed in naturally ventilated swine buildings.

  • Features an actuated baffle that can be controlled by a vent machine to adjust exhaust or incoming airflow
  • Damper hardware and roof flashing kit for installation included
  • Dimensions: 25-1/4”L x 25-1/4”W x 66”H
  • Item # 8140201900