Dosatron® DM11F parts

Dosatron DM11F Parts Diagram

Dm11 lower end kit

Lower end Repair Kit for the most common
wear parts.

DM11 slider kit

Slider Repair Kit

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1MPDI199Cap assembly19PDI846Isolation body
3MDI354Nut21JDI105Plunger o-ring top
4PJDI127HTDiaphragm22J009VFPlunger seal bottom
5PDI781Plastic seal for diaphragm23JDI100HTO-ring for stem body
6PDI771Body24PDI702Top stem nut
7PPDI048Slide repair kit25PDI784UStem body
8MDI357Actuator plate26PJDI115Check valve assembly
9JDI128HTActuator gasket27PDI739Check valve cap
10PDI775Actuator base28MDI358Check valve spring
11JDI129HTActuator gasket29PDI729Check valve cone
12JDI133HTO-ring seal for actuator (2 req)30JDI105O-ring for check valve cone
13PDI777Upper transfer body31JDI130HTO-ring for hose barb
14PDI776Transfer body32PDI740Hose barb
15MDI355Screw33PDI734Nut for check valve
16JDI127HTTransfer body gasket34PDI735Lower stem nut
17MDI356Nut35MPDI185Hose assembly 5/16"
188J040O-ring for isolation body3652908Strainer for 5/16" hose
37PDI773Upper Plunger Assembly
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