Hog Slat’s E-Z Clean Corner Enables Efficiency in Chain Feeding Systems

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

NEWTON GROVE, North Carolina, November 13, 2018 – Enable quick visual inspection and cleaning of corners in chain feeding systems with Hog Slat’s new E-Z Clean Corner.

Hog Slat’s E-Z Clean Corner features a transparent cleaning door, enabling both quick visual inspection and easy removal of accumulated feed. The transparent cleaning door is securely fixed in place with three clamp fasteners and is sealed off against the penetration of moisture via a tongue and groove system with a unique integrated seal. To clean accumulated feed out of corners, the transparent door easily opens downward with the unfastening of clamps. The corner features a bi-directional cast wheel that turns on low friction, encapsulated stainless steel ball bearings. Hog Slat’s E-Z Clean Corner can easily be retrofitted onto existing chain feeding systems.

“Corners of feeding systems tend to constantly fill up with accumulated feed. When temperature and condensation is involved it leads to feed sticking together and plugging up the corners. We wanted to save producers time from disassembling and cleaning out corners in feeding systems. The E-Z Clean Corner permits quick visual inspection and an efficient way to remove accumulated feed” says Hog Slat’s National Sales Manager Fritz Richards.

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Winner 2018 EuroTier Innovation Award Silver Medal!

Hog Slat® E-Z Clean Corner Wheel Chain Disk Feed System Installed EuroTier 2018 Innovation Award Silver
Hog Slat’s E-Z Clean Corner features a transparent cleaning door, enabling quick visual inspection of accumulated feed.


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